Just listening & watching:


on my new iphone 3G (an anniversary gift from my wife) Thanks, Marge !!!

So, I was just watching What a Wonderful World (picture version) and looking at those great photos; it made me think of all the great pictures (scenes, etc.) I have seen in my life. And made me realize what a truly great life I have had.


from the Pacific to the Atlantic;

Canada to Mexico;

and all kinds of places in between.

Tucson, Arizona (see link to Tucson under Favorites):

Then there was Santa Fe:

Santa Fe, New Mexico: 

Some of the most beautiful area is around Santa Fe in northern New Mexico. Santa Fe is called, "A City Different"... it is built in Spanish territorial architecture.... we need a picture....

And the College of Santa Fe:


I have some great friends from my college days. Kane Bieri was one of my room mates and has remained a great friend to this day. I make pilgrimages back to Santa Fe and stay at Kane's home. Then we tour the area of Santa Fe, Los Alamos, and Jemez Springs & Pueblo.

Another great friend from my colleges was Edward J. Kirchner. I was seeking an affiliation with a national Catholic fraternity for my local fraternity. Ed was the expansion director for Phi Kappa Theta (a fraternity my childhood friend, Chris Reilly) recommended to me. I was initiated into Phi Kappa Theta at their national convention at French Lick. (See separate article on Edward Kirchner).


Then there was Michigan (where my family was originally from) and Windsor, Ontario, Canada (where my wife is from):

My first job out-of-college was with General Motors, Truck & Coach Plant in Pontiac. I started in computer operations and the systems work. I was involved in "time-sharing" in Ann Arbor.

Then follow the Windsor bridge to the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I was chairman of the Pax Romana International Seminar where I meet a wonderful young lady, Marge, who became my wife. The major part of my life I shared with Marge. We have had all kinds of adventures, including a few challenges.

By the way, the Pax Romana contact was Ed Kirchner. Ed and I did expansion work together in Michigan and Canada. It was in London, Ontario, Canada that I meet Dennis Buckley. Dennis has continued to my friend until this day.


Then it was New York, NY and New Jersey:

I worked for ITT Data Services in Paramus, New Jersey. Trips to Manhattan were mostly for fun... Broadway theaters, (off-Broadway, and off-off Broadway) and The Metropolitan Opera House. To reach New York we travelled under (mass transit or the Lincoln tunnel) or over the Hudson river (George Washington bridge).

It was in Montclair, New Jersey that my son, Michael, was born. You talk about a RED letter day. WOW.

I was also a NGO UN representative which gave me an opportunity to sit and rest on the East river UN garden. (Of course Ed Kirchner was the permanent representative of Pax Romana, an NGO, at the UN.)



Then there was Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

There was water and winter. Left to right: CN Tower & City skyline; Scarborough Bluffs (where we had a town-house overlooking the Bluffs) and Toronto City Hall & downtown (where I worked in management consulting); and below are 2 shots of Niagara Falls.

And in Toronto, my daughter, Melanie, was born.



And then there was Arlington, Texas:

Arlington has been our home since 1977. It has been a great place for families and family events. Arlington is located between Fort Worth and Dallas, just south of the big airport.



And a most recent picture: